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The Crimson: ideal location to sleep whilst in Jasper

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Jasper, Jasper, Jasper, this place needs no introduction as it’s famous for its sky tram, beautiful lakes nearby, great beer and surrounded by mountains. Sometimes a certain train stops here to whisk tourists towards the Pacific Ocean. However when it comes to booking accommodation, Jasper doesn’t have that many hotels etc compared to say, nearby Banff and Canmore. Jasper is a very small town so in peak times, a bit of planning maybe needed. On my second visit to Jasper (which was in the winter months as my first visit was in 2015 in blistering hot sunshine), I stayed at two accommodations. The first being the luxury Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge but then my second stay was at The Crimson which is run by the Pursuit group.

The Crimson Hotel, Jasper, on a snowy day

The Crimson is the ideal place to stay if wanting to stay in the town itself. Within a five-ten minute walk, all the restaurants, bars, shops and tour companies offices can be reached as well as the train station if making a short stop here. Located on the northeastern end of town on the main road known as Connaught Drive, the hotel has plenty of car parking spaces as well as amazing views of the mountains to the east.

Passing through the doors in a large lobby with an open fire and comfortable sofas to relax on, the front of house staff were very welcoming, informative and made sure I had everything needed for a comfortable stay. My room was located on the second floor and the only disappointment I had was that I didn’t have much of a mountain view. However everything else in the room made up for that (and to be frank, I was in Jasper and I love the mountains, so why would I spend all my time in a hotel

Starting off with the beds, by god the mattress was large and thick, which meant one thing. I got a very good sleep later that evening. Even the quilts were thick so as this was the middle of winter, I had a nice cozy rest. There was also a huge television (which I didn’t use..again..I am in Jasper), plenty of storage space and also a mini refrigerator and kettle for a nice cuppa of tea. The bathroom was clean and modern, so no complaints from me there either (don’t you just hate it when you go and have a shower and water goes everywhere on the floor due to the design of the shower tray or bathtub etc, not here...floor was very dry after I got out of the shower, so 10/10 from me there!).

When I wake up in the morning whilst on the road (and if I have the time), I like to do a good workout as well as having a good breakfast. First off I checked out the fitness room in the basement which was small but it had everything I needed for a good cardio workout. I also wanted to check out the swimming pool but I was down for that too early so missed out. After a good wash in the shower (god I love that shower), it was time for breakfast in the restaurant next to the lobby which had a mixture of hot food, cold food plus hot and cold drinks. This really did set me up for the day (and my handy tip for any mountain town, if you're doing a full day’s worth of activities like hiking, rock climbing etc, make sure you get that breakfast in!).

The Crimson is open all year round with a twenty-four hour reception. For ski season there is a storage facility and a shuttle bus does go from here to the nearby Marmot Basin ski resort (the only one in Jasper). I really did enjoy my stay here, it had everything I needed, the right budget, everything was walking distance and I felt totally relaxed. Would recommend this hotel to anyone who is planning a trip to this wonderful part of the Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. To book a stay at the hotel or to find out more information, click here.

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The Crimson Hotel, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

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